Mince Pie Mayhem

21 May

I finished my first pair of socks out of Socktopus: 17 pairs of socks worth showing off by Alice Yu: the Mince Pie Mayhem socks. Actually I finished them a couple of weeks ago, but anyway.

The result is pretty cool 🙂

I actually had some trouble knitting these because there was smaaall typo in the pattern. These are knitted leg down and you’re supposed to increase stitches for a gusset. The pattern says to turn the work, which makes no sense at all and doesn’t work – mostly because it’s supposed to be done in the round. Heh. Actually this got figured out just as soon as I went on Ravelry and asked about it in the group for the book. Someone suggested it was a typo and then the author herself came on and gave me advice! How awesome is that. When I get help so easily and the author herself is around to take care of her customers, as it were, I don’t even mind the typos.

 Also, now that I’m knitting another pair of socks from the book (Rumpled, Ravelry link) I just assume that if there’s anything I can’t figure out, it’s probably a typo. Nothing like that’s come up yet, though.

I used 1,5 balls of Garnstudio Drops Fabel with 2,5 mm needles for these socks, and it worked pretty well. I’m glad the stitch definition came out good even though the yarn is very soft and a bit fuzzy.

So far the book has been just as amazing as I had hoped. The patterns are different and interesting but not tedious. Even though there are a bajillion crossed stitches in these socks, for instance, these were a quick knit. The pattern was so easy to memorize and crossing stitches is easy and quick when done without a cabling needle.


3 Responses to “Mince Pie Mayhem”

  1. captainsharmie May 24, 2012 at 22:25 #

    these socks are SO BEAUTIFUL. yours look perfect! i want to knit them. like, i could go to my LYS and pick out yarn right now, that’s how much I want to knit them! maybe i should try and get my hands on that book… 🙂

    • bamboo#1 May 24, 2012 at 22:29 #

      Ohh, thank you! 🙂 And you definitely should if you ask me 😀 All the socks in the book are gorgeous… well, that’s subjective, but their design is somehow in the same style/vein without being repetitive.

      I think you can buy single patterns from the book on Ravelry as well.

  2. lumpywells December 27, 2016 at 18:21 #

    Ive just started knitting these, but struggled finding info on the actual pattern cable part. I think ive got it now. but would you be able to point me to where i can check it, as im new to cables and have no idea how to do them with out a cable needle(im using a stitch pin to hold the stitch at front or back when needed.
    your soskcs look amazing, and using a solid colour really helps bring out the patttern.

    thank you if your able to help, and thanks for sharing your lovely knitting

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