Stupid Is as Stupid Does

15 Jul

It’s safe to say that I’m a bit peeved.

A few weeks ago I searched high and low, and could only find one store in the whole city that sold a few tops of spinning fiber. The store stocked fulling fiber separately from this, and I talked about spinning it with a sales person, which made me assume that, yes, this is spinning fiber indeed.

I didn’t especially like the kind of mushy or messy look of the tops – like it was already slightly felted – but I bought two of them anyway, thinking that I’m so inexperienced in these matters that for all I know, it’s supposed to be like that. Besides I was really desperate to get something to spin, having finished all my fiber.

Well it hasn’t been a joyride. The fiber is merino, and although I’ve read and was told in the store that merino is supposed to be a very long fiber, this fiber doesn’t seem to be that. The constant breaking may be due to my lack of skill, of course.

But what I do find odd is that there are matted spots in the fiber that make it really hard to produce an even single. I blamed myself and possible adverse effects of dyeing the fiber, until I looked up the dyeing company’s website. On there, this fiber is recommended primarily for felting and secondarily for spinning. If that’s the case, I don’t wonder at all about the matted parts and whatnot. I’m not sure whether to be peeved at myself, at the company that possibly ruined the fiber somewhat by dyeing it wrong or the yarn store that sold it to me as spinning fiber.

The fact that the store charged me twice the price the dyeing company asks for it seems like adding insult to injury (even though I do understand that there are additional costs to a brick and mortar store.) Soo yeah, I paid 14 € for 100 g of meh fiber, when I could’ve gotten at least 200 or 300 g of luxurious (at least compared to this, and why not otherwise) BFL for the same price, had I had the patience to wait a few days for it.

I’ll take this as a lesson learned. Too bad I don’t particularly feel like spinning the last 50 grams. Eh. I will, though, and maybe it’ll get better, and I’ll like the end result after all. Yeah. Why not.


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