Half-finished Merino of Doom

17 Jul

I finished the first half of the 100 g of merino I complained about in my last post.

I think my twist is again better or more even than the last time, but I did have more trouble keeping the single an even thickness. This is, however, closer to the fingering weight I’m aiming for.

I just need to be more careful when spinning and maybe limit the amount of time I’m allowed to spin at once. I find myself hurrying along and that’s when the unevenness occurs. I’m not good enough to not pay my full attention to this.

There’s going to be a break in my spinning and knitting for an unspecified time, though, because I fell down with my bike yesterday and hurt both my arms. I’m writing this, and took that image, with only my left hand since my right is pretty much out of it. I don’t think I broke any bones but the elbow and muscles seem to have taken a hit. I can’t lift my left arm because my shoulder is cranky, so I wouldn’t be able to spin even if my right arm was fine and dandy. I’m going to the doctor today – here’s hoping for no broken bones or tendons.

I’m bummed about not knitting and spinning but mostly I’m worried because I’m supposed to go to London in a little under 4 weeks. I have all  sorts of crafting fun lined up for when I get there.


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