Achievement Unlocked

16 Oct

Back during the Olympics, I unexpectedly took part in (and won!) the Ravellenic games. I was able to do this only because, having broken my spindle bone (and how fitting is it for a spinner/knitter/crocheter to break their spindle bone, amirite? No, wait, that might actually be the opposite of fitting) I was off work for about 8 weeks.

For the first week or so after I face planted in a pretty impressive manner with my bicycle (wear your helmet, kids!) I was unable to dress, bathe or feed myself. Luckily the boy had his summer vacation right then, and spent it taking care of me. When he had to go to work, I scooted back home to mom. At that point I had already had instructions from a doc to try to use my broken arm.

Judging by my experience, I would vastly prefer it if I never had to recuperate from an actual, serious injury – although I have to say that there was a sort of bitter sweetness to moments such as being able to successfully use a fork or lift my arm up and actually touch the top of my head.

Well since I was under doctor’s orders to keep doing things as much as possible, I actively came up with stuff I could do even though everything just felt really weird and wrong in my arm, especially at first. Mom helped me with this, and bought me yarn enough for an Azilal cardigan. Since the Ravellenic games were starting, and I was pretty scared of crocheting an actual garment that had to fit and everything, I figured I’d take part. So for two weeks I watched all the Olympic games I could stomach, and crocheted.

The resulting cardigan is by far my favorite garment that I’ve ever made.

Finishing is always the hardest part to get right for me when I knit something. But with crochet that was a breeze and I couldn’t not get it right it seemed. The whole experience was so positive that I can’t wait to find the next great crochet pattern I want to make 🙂


7 Responses to “Achievement Unlocked”

  1. Crochet Missy October 16, 2012 at 23:22 #

    Wonderful work! I really like it and it looks wonderful on you. I haven’t been game enough yet to try my hand at clothing. Maybe one day. Well done.

    • bamboo#1 October 17, 2012 at 08:08 #

      Why thank you 🙂 It was kind of cool because crochet is so quick and this cardi was made up of a lot of little pieces (except for the hem but that came last), so if I messed up, I didn’t have to rip back weeks and weeks of work. It ended up being a lot less intimidating than I’d feared.

      • Crochet Missy October 17, 2012 at 08:17 #

        Aaaahhhhh…. OK now I know what kind of garment to start with. That is what always worried me, having to redo the whole thing if it didn’t fit. Thanks for the tip.

        • bamboo#1 October 17, 2012 at 08:19 #

          Sure 🙂 And another thing: pick one with a good schematic of all the finished pieces. That gave me a lot of peace of mind because I could measure everything as I went, and be reasonably sure that I would end up with something that I could at least fit in to.

  2. captainsharmie October 21, 2012 at 17:51 #

    i love the sweater! it looks awesome on you. what an accomplishment. i have yet to finish a sweater of my own yet.

    • bamboo#1 October 27, 2012 at 11:51 #

      Thank you 🙂 I appreciate it.

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