Pure, Unadulterated Awesome

18 Oct

That is what this hat is. This whole post is going to be shameless bragging but I guess that’s ok because I also write about the times when everything I try to do turns to complete shite. Ok? Ok.

First of all, this hat is the softest known object in the universe. The next time you pet a kitty or I don’t know, something else that is really soft, I can understand if you feel a little bit sad, because that thing is not as soft as this hat is. The softness of the hat and the firm warmth of the lining make putting it on your head feel like… like something is better, somehow, now. But that’s just my humble opinion.

If I didn’t make it for my brother, I’d wear the heck out of this hat. It is the best hat I have ever made.

The only thing that is less-than-stellar about it is that it is black, making it hard for me to take pictures that convey its greatness. This is the only reason  why I don’t particularly like knitting anything black. I go to all that effort, and then it’s like I could’ve gotten away with really crappy work. Because all those little details that miraculously went right this time? Obscured by the color. I mean, I once actually knitted a lace top with black yarn. Yeah, welcome to crazy town, population: me.

It was an amazingly good idea to keep the doubled hem of the wurm hat, the pattern from which the horizontal stripes are also. At first I only thought it was a good idea because that double layer would give the hem more structural integrity, making the rib last longer. Maybe. But that extra layer also turned out to be very useful for stitching on the lining without having to worry about the stitches being visible on the right side of the hat. Faaantastic.

My brother suggested that the ends of the lining not be attached to one another, but that they should just overlap instead. This way the lining will be the right size more easily and won’t lift the hat up. Also, this was far easier to do. I’m tempted to go make linings like this for all the knitted hats I wear regularly.

I am just happy about this hat because rarely does everything fall into place so well with anything I make.

If my brother likes the hat even half as much as I do, he’ll love it.


4 Responses to “Pure, Unadulterated Awesome”

  1. Tina October 18, 2012 at 13:29 #

    What an awesome hat and a neat idea on lining it. I would not have thought about that 🙂

    • bamboo#1 October 18, 2012 at 22:09 #

      Thanks 🙂 My brother’s a real lateral thinker when it comes to knitwear 🙂

  2. mangonella October 27, 2012 at 01:22 #

    Hi! 😀 Nice to see the hat ready! 😀 Looks nice and warm! :)) And in other news I finally added you to my Google Reader! That took, what, like four months? 😀

    And other things in Finnish: ;D
    Eli lisäsin siut viimein tuohon syötteenlukijaan sen sinun ohjekommentin perusteella (kun halusin kuitenki, että voin seurata siun postauksia! :D), samalla kun sain innostusta ja puhtia päivittää noita omiaki sivuja. 😀 Plus nitkautin selkäni nyt maanantaina ja olen ollu osan viikosta vähän vuodepotilaana, niin siks minustakaan ole oikein kuulunu mitään. 🙂 Saatan käyä kans Torniossa ensi viikolla, mutta yritämä nähä jossaki välissä, jos vain kerkiät! ;D

    -Heidi :))

    • bamboo#1 October 27, 2012 at 11:51 #

      Noooo! 😦 Selkäparkaa. No voihan silimä! Inhottava juttu 😦

      Itehän oon ollu kauhun lamauttama gradun takia ja en oo teheny tai ajatellu mittään :L Oon vaan istunu. Ja ehkä kattonu Sherlockia… Niin sillä oon pitäny hiljaiseloa. Mutta nyt taas tuntuu että tämä vois tästä muuttua. Eli nähdään pian :)¨

      Joo ja tuo hattu piti tosiaan purkaa melkein kokonaan ku se oli niin massiivinen sillon aluksi 😀 Noo mitäs pienistä.

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