Revontuli Shawl

Revontuli Shawl

Revontuli Shawl

Revontuli Shawl

Revontuli Shawl

Pattern: Revontuli Shawl

Published in Annen blogi

Yarn: Estonian hand-dyed wool. Name, brand, manufacturer, all unknown.

When I first saw this pattern online I thought I must make this, but was pretty sure I couldn’t, because it looked complicated. Also, I had no idea how to get hold of the necessary yarn, since I had always just used Novita yarns that can be found practically in any grocery store. But I really wanted to make this as a Christmas gift for my mom, and decided to take on these challenges.

I got over of my fear of ordering yarn online and so got the yarn and started knitting… And I’m completely in love with this pattern.

I’m going to make another one of these for myself. Next time I will also get the increases right. I always used yarn overs for the increases. I guess I was confused by the fact, that in some places the pattern does indeed use yarn over increases. Oh well, it’s pretty this way as well.

The shawl measures at around 150cm x 70cm, making it almost as wide as I am tall, and also the biggest project I ever undertook when I mde it.


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