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16 Dec

So I came up with one more Christmas project. Aran weight, super simple socks in a women’s size, so why not. Socks whip up really quick when there are only 48 stitches in a round.


These were quick even though I had to rip out the toe decreases. That was down to stupidity: I couldn’t believe the pattern I used which said to knit 20 cm of the foot before beginning the decreases. That sounded like a lot. So I decided it should be more like 18 or 19 cm.

Then there was a slight measurement error, and long story slightly shorter, when I finished the socks they were an absolute perfect fit for me. Unfortunately the person these are for wears a shoe size two sizes bigger than mine.


But they’re all fixed now. I have to say, though, that the temptation to just keep them for myself was great. I really like these, and I should clearly knit more aran weight socks.

I used 7 Veljestä Raita from Novita, a self-striping yarn. And it was great. Look at these babies, all lined up perfect and nice. Normally I don’t care about matching stripes in socks but the color runs in this yarn seemed so even I decided to give it a go.


It worked fine! Except for when it didn’t. There were four knots in this ball, which changed the color runs each time. By the first knot I was committed to getting the stripes just so, so I pulled out yarn to even out the color runs each time a knot happened. So what I ended up with is this: a bajillion ends to weave in where there should only be four. But by golly, at least the stripes look good.


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