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Insect Mittens – Nice!

3 Jan

The bug beetle mittens are done (ignorance is bliss – I can no longer call non-bug insects bugs with a good conscience). The pattern is Entomology from the book Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together. I used an itty bitty amount (maybe 50 g of each color) of an aran weight yarn (7 veljestä from Novita) and 3 mm needles.

Every time I do stranded knitting, the inside of the work turns out better and neater than the last time. That is way cool.

I’ve had the bamboo double pointed needles I used for these for years now, and I never used them before. I think they were one of the first needles I ever bought when I started knitting in 2007. They’re on the sharp side, which meant a really painful knitting experience at the time.

But now that I no longer have the beginner knitter’s death grip and my gauge has mellowed (the yarn no longer creaks when I knit), these turned out to be awesome needles. I think I only used them because all my other 3 mm needles were in use, but I’m glad I did. At least Prym’s bamboo needles have just the right amount of grip for neat stranded knitting.

Looking at the pictures, I can see that I’ve made some mistakes, but I probably won’t want to fix them (I would duplicate stitch the mistakes away). When I start using these, no one is going to notice one stitch in the wrong place – including me.


The Mitts I Wanted to Keep

23 Jan

Here’s another Christmas gift, a pair of man-sized mitts, knitted with ice fishing in mind.

Pattern: Korinpohja

Yarn: 7 veljestä from Novita, 90 g

Needles: 3,25 mm


I like 7 veljestä from Novita: it’s a durable, affordable, warm wool blend that comes in a good range of colors. Unfortunately it’s an aran weight, and I for one have not found a lot of interesting patterns for that weight. Aran (and 7 veljestä specifically) used to be the one and only sock yarn for me, but in the last couple of years I’ve come to favor fingering weight for socks, thanks to Ravelry. I was pleased when I found this mitt pattern, as it specifically calls for 7 veljestä.

These were an incredibly quick knit probably because of the thicker weight. My hands loved the warmth of the thicker fabric while knitting – something the thin fabric of fingering weight knitting just cannot provide.

The design is simple but beautiful. Unfortunately my pictures are hurried because this was a gift. There never seems to be enough time to take pictures in daylight around Christmas time. Maybe I will knit a pair for myself some day, though I highly doubt it. Giving something hand-knitted as a gift is always a little bit sad because I so rarely knit the same pattern twice.

I learned a new cast-on for these mitts: the twisted long-tail cast-on. It’s as easy to do as (what for me has been the “normal”) long-tail cast-on, but I think the result is prettier and more elastic.

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