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Insect Mittens – Nice!

3 Jan

The bug beetle mittens are done (ignorance is bliss – I can no longer call non-bug insects bugs with a good conscience). The pattern is Entomology from the book Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together. I used an itty bitty amount (maybe 50 g of each color) of an aran weight yarn (7 veljestä from Novita) and 3 mm needles.

Every time I do stranded knitting, the inside of the work turns out better and neater than the last time. That is way cool.

I’ve had the bamboo double pointed needles I used for these for years now, and I never used them before. I think they were one of the first needles I ever bought when I started knitting in 2007. They’re on the sharp side, which meant a really painful knitting experience at the time.

But now that I no longer have the beginner knitter’s death grip and my gauge has mellowed (the yarn no longer creaks when I knit), these turned out to be awesome needles. I think I only used them because all my other 3 mm needles were in use, but I’m glad I did. At least Prym’s bamboo needles have just the right amount of grip for neat stranded knitting.

Looking at the pictures, I can see that I’ve made some mistakes, but I probably won’t want to fix them (I would duplicate stitch the mistakes away). When I start using these, no one is going to notice one stitch in the wrong place – including me.


I Learned My Lesson – Bring On the Next One

25 Jan

Every knitting project I do teaches me something new about knitting – a fact that is both fulfilling and depressing.

I’m not a perfectionist in the sense that I cannot finish things I know will not be perfect, or that I don’t enjoy doing things when they’re not perfect. But I do like to experience some perfection from time to time.

If every knitting project teaches me something, that pretty much means every knitting project has a fault of some kind, and sometimes that’s kind of a bummer. On the other hand, there’s always the next project – maybe next time everything will go as I would like. Learning in itself is a joy of course, and knitting provides an abundance of small challenges that are easy but rewarding to overcome.

I thought about this business of mistakes and learning a lot while finishing up these mitts in December…

Pattern: Bird & Vine Mitts

Yarn: Nalle from Novita

Needles: 3 mm


I knitted the first one in August. It was a fun knit but I wasn’t pleased with the quality of my color work – wonky stitches and strange problems with lines of smaller stitches running up the mitt (like ladders but in reverse).

I then read about what was probably wrong with my technique in Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘n Bitch  Superstar Knitting. When I knitted the second mitt, I took care to keep the contrasting yarn closer to the fabric/to me, and never wrapped the resting yarn in the same place on two consecutive rows. I was amazed at how much better the results were. The difference is most evident in the wrong side of the palms.

The mitt on the left is the first one. Where the white is more prominent, the green stands out too much on the right side of the fabric, creating an uneven look.

I’m so glad I learned this and will be able to knit much better stranded color work from now on… but I wish I hadn’t learned it in between mitts in the same pair. The two are very different so the mistakes in the first mitt bother me more than usually. Usually I can happily overlook all mistakes once I’m finished with the knitting.

My mom loved the mitts, though, so I gave them to her. It just means I have to knit another pair of mitts for myself, and this time, I swear, they will be epic. 🙂

The lonely sock

3 May

So I guess I’m still at that point where I can write this much about knitting socks.

I have many lonely socks and mittens. It simply takes ages for me to start knitting another one of something I just knitted. I’m not even that anxious to use any of the pairless socks, so there’s no insentive to knit the other one. The whole point of knitting for me is getting to create something new, learning new techniques, the excitement of facing new challenges and of not knowing what’s coming next. If you’ve already knitted one sock, you know what’s coming pretty well.

I try to combat this by making each one in the pair similar enough to make them a pair but different in some small way to keep it interesting.

This morning I finished this sock

Square sock
Square sock

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Wool by Novita

Needles: 2,5 mm

It’s the first toe-up sock I’ve knitted without a pattern and also the first colorwork I’ve come up with on my own. I came up with it as I went along, which of course resulted in some irregularities in the pattern, but I don’t really care. I just wanted to see if I could knit colorwork in the round and still get a strechy fabric. Turns out I can.

I didn’t write anything down, which is a huuuge mistake. When I eventually get to knitting another one of these, I’ll have to use this one as reference. Well, at least it won’t be a question of being bored with doing the same thing again because I won’t remember what I did the first time around.

I will probably reverse the colours in the other sock. That should eliminate some of the repetitiveness. Also, this sock took up a lot more green yarn than it did black, and I might just run out of green if I don’t reverse the colors.

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