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Woollen Nethergarments

11 Jan

Nearly two weeks of the new year have gone in a blink of an eye. I have been on vacation, and then sick leave (it’s just sinusitis). For the duration of my vacation I experienced something that turned out to be rather wonderful. What with one thing and another, mostly because I couldn’t be arsed, I didn’t go online for a week except on my phone. My phone is fine and all, but not suited for marathon surfing sessions.

Turns out this meant I had time to read a book, have conversations, bake, sew a shirt, and of course knit and crochet a whole bunch.

So no blog posts either, even though I was itching to show and tell all these wonderful things. I had the best Christmas yarn craft wise since 2007, when I received my KnitPicks Symphonie interchangeable needle set, and if I recall correctly, also the double pointed needle set in the series.

Most importantly, I finished my brother’s woollen long johns in time. Well to be frank, I wove in the ends and wrapped them 30 minutes before we opened gifts on the 27th, so not exactly done for Christmas but close enough. Oh! And I also sewed in the casing for an elastic band the next day, after it had been established that the long johns actually fit my brother. Hooray!

Sadly I now have no proper pictures of them. Only this grainy one taken in the dark, of me wearing the things.


Based on this experience, this Drops Tights pattern fits a range of sizes. That is, I knitted size M, and the resulting tights fit me and my brother equally well. He has slimmer legs than I do but is 5’10” to my 5′, so I guess it evens out.

I ended up going with a machine-washable wool and polyamide blend in worsted weight. It felt nicely soft and non-itchy at least to me. I got five 100 g (4 oz) balls and only used 2,5. I couldn’t begin to guess how much the legs would take up, but didn’t think I was overshooting by quite so much.

Oh well. I can think of a number of uses for the left-over balls.

Worsted weight pants on 5 mm needles knit up remarkably quickly it turns out, more quickly than, say, a sweater. If I had use for this kind of garment, I wouldn’t hesitate to whip up another pair for myself.

Next time I’ll write about all the new shiny (yarn crafty) toys I got, and the little projects I’ve been working on.

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