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When Inspiration Strikes

16 Sep

Something wonderful happened a couple of months ago. I had been drooling over all these beautiful knitting bags and project bags on Etsy, but couldn’t even begin to consider dreaming about actually buying something ready-made from there. The other option was sewing something myself, but this scared me at first. I have so many bad experiences…

I’ve always loved sewing but usually I don’t have enough patience for it. A machine is doing the actual sewing for me, which makes me expect instant gratification. What ever it is I’m making should preferably be finished by yesterday, and it should be pretty and useful and flawless in every way, thank you very much.

So whenever I actually sew something, it just leads to bitter disappointment. Well, not this time. This time, I’m proud to present *enter drumroll*

Mah Project Bag!

This is my lovely project bag. It’s just the right size for a small project like socks or something like a  pair of Knotty gloves.


The lining is oh so pretty. And there’s even a pocket!

Buttony system thingy

And this cool way of making the opening bigger or smaller by opening or closing the buttons at the upper corners. This serves no real purpose, but was fun to make.

What gave me the most pleasure about this project, is that I designed it from scratch, and had the patience to really think everything through. This construction is pretty complicated compared to other stuff I’m used to sewing. Also, the stitching is pretty neat and, well, it’s just higher quality work than is usual for me.

And since I was on a roll, I sewed a knitting bag, as well.


Everything about it is perfect. I used some old curtains of mine and I think the floral pattern is very pretty. The handles are exactly the right length for me to comfortably carry the bag on my shoulder.


The bag is big enough to hold several projects or a couple of big ones – I’ve even used it as a weekend bag a couple of times.

There’s some cardboard in the bottom so it doesn’t sag, and the fabric is sturdy enough for the bag not to bulge even if it’s pretty full. The bag closes with a fabric (an old sheet) pulled together with a drawstring. It’s big enough to fit around the bag so I can see everything in there at once.

I was thrilled that I was able to sew something this nice 🙂

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