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Finished Brainless Panthers

20 Apr

This post is coming to you from my couch. I’m sick, so I’ve retreated here, taking my knitting and the tv remote with me.

This week I switched from a PC to a laptop, and the full benefits of this haven’t really dawned on me yet. For instance, I’ve been occupying the couch for a couple of days, but it only occurred to me today that hey – you can take the laptop *with* you (read this in a veerry clear and slow (inner) voice). But hey, I thought of it now, so I get to blog despite being kind of delirious.

Anyway, I finished my Brainless panther socks, and I quite like them. I’m so not going to block them though, because I’m sick and I don’t have to, so there.


The plan was to use up the whole ball of Katia Olé Socks Panther, but frankly, I got bored. And I figured I had enough yarn left to knit another pair. That’s one clear benefit of having short feet.

So I bound off using Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off, which is really stretchy…and only one short week later, I weaved in the ends. Like I mentioned, I used the gusset and heel instructions from the brainless pattern, and knitting up the leg I did two increases every two or three rows. I did them in reverse stockinette, to match the gusset, and thought I was pretty clever.


I really like the feel and the stitch definition of this yarn. I just wish it came in less Panthery colors.


Brainless Panther Socks

7 Apr

I have a serious aversion to studying lately, and yesterday (Good Friday) I was a bit sad and a bit lonely and a bit tired, and felt like there’s absolutely nothing in this world I want to do. For a couple of weeks I’ve felt like I’d lost my knitting mojo as well.

I’ve been discovering the existence of knitting podcasts this week (via the majick of Google) and was wiling my time away listening to them yesterday, laying on the couch. Then I started noticing that there’s something missing from this equation… As in, why exactly am I not knitting while I lay here on the couch listening to knitting podcasts? I heard the ladies on my current favorite (The Knitmore Girls) mention knitting vanilla socks several times, and that started sounding like an awesome idea right now.

Whipping out a pair of simple vanilla socks might be just the thing to give me some sense of accomplishment. I went to my stash, knowing suddenly the exact yarn that’s meant for vanilla socks: the awful, beautiful yarn I brought from Germany called Olé Socks Panther (nomen est omen) from Katia.

I once tried knitting patterned socks with it, and… no. Just no. It’s been forgotten at the back of my stash for a couple of years, and I considered getting rid of it in my recent small stash purge, but no. Anything that comes home with me from abroad just has to become something or else stay with me forever as yarn.

I also knew that this had to be done toe-up and two at a time (so I could use up all of the awful, beautiful yarn and wouldn’t have to repeat myself).

I did a simple toe and was going to do a short-row heel, but then I was looking through my projects and remembered how much I enjoyed knitting the brainless socks (Ravelry link) last fall precisely because I liked their gusset & heel construction. So now I’m following the brainless pattern for those parts but skipping the cable pattern, because the whole point here was to do something that requires no attention and no counting.

Can I just say, I don’t mind asymmetrical socks, but somehow the fact that these are almost but not quite symmetrical bugs me somewhat. Huh. Obviously not enough to rip back, though.

I was sadly deprived of chocolate Easter eggs, so instead I’m making Russian candy. So before there’s a fire in our kitchen, I’m going to go see what’s going on with that.

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