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Let’s get this show on the road

10 Jan

I’m setting up this blog because I want to share my two greatest passions, knitting and painting Warhammer miniatures, with the world. I’ve been knitting actively for a year or so, now, and painting miniatures for a couple of years.

At first I aimed at things looking natural when painting miniatures. That’s why I didn’t like the look of most ‘eavy Metal painters’ works… I mean I admired them a lot, and still do, because I couldn’t reach the same level of tidyness, but sometimes tidyness means the miniature looks like a toy. I wanted my own miniatures to be tidy but rugged, to look as if they’ve seen some of the world. These days I’ve started to aim more for the ‘eavy Metal style, but I still steer away from bright, unnatural colour schemes.

In knitting I like pretty down-to-earth colour schemes, and often resort to black, brown, grey or maybe green – basically I will only knit in colours I could wear. I don’t much like knitting in bright colours even if the finished object isn’t meant to be worn by myself.

Knitting is somewhat more satisfying for me than painting, because I get things done so much more quickly. I find I’m a perfectionist when painting, and am hardly ever satisfied with anything, no matter how much better I do than the last time ’round. It might be, therefore, that this will end up as a knitting blog after all. I’m just waiting to see where this will go.

I’m in no way a pro in either one of my hobbies, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Free word and all 🙂

I want to get this blog started with the latest knitting project I finished

Heart Mittens

Heart Mittens

I found the pattern in the Pitsiä ja palmikoita blog. These were a quick and easy knit. I’ve knitted one pair of intarsia mittens before (the Oak and Squirrel mittens, the link goes to Ravelry), and I have to say intarsia mittens are one of my favourite projects to tackle.

For these mittens I used a yarn called Sportimo. It’s an acrylic yarn I found at Lidl. Seeing as white and peach aren’t really my colours I was pretty apprehensive at first about buying the yarn (1 kg of it all in all) but, deciding I could make a whole lot of socks etc.) I finally couldn’t resist. Knitting acrylic isn’t as nice, maybe, as knitting some natural fibers. But personally I like acrylic and other such fibers because otherwise they are easier than natural ones. Mittens get worn out pretty quickly, and I don’t have the heart to use some expensive fiber when I know I won’t get to enjoy it for that long.

I also made a hat to match the mittens, and I still haven’t finished even one skein of the kilogram of Sportimo.

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