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Jaw, Meet Floor

27 May

My boyfriend went home over the weekend and came back with a little something for me.

His mom went on a trip to the Baltic states and brought me two 100 g skeins of 8/2 Estonian wool… I love Estonian wool. (She bought it at a market and there’s no label, but I did a burning test. Also, it feels and smells the same as all the Estonian wool I’ve ever had.) I was literally speechless when the bf opened his luggage and pulled out a package for me. I am thankful for all the wonderful enablers I’m surrounded by 🙂 This was incredibly thoughtful and completely unexpected. What could be better 😀

It’s a wonderful color that turned out to be a bit hard to capture (some colors are like that for my camera) – a light greyish green. I love it, a lot. There may be enough for a vest, even, or at the very least a gorgeous shawl.

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